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Our Process

  1. Understand You:

    During this first stage of any work with our clients, we want to get to know your individual situation. We discuss and prioritize your goals, review your financial position, discuss concerns, and set expectations.

  1. Develop your Road Map 

    After getting a full picture of your situation, we create a comprehensive financial plan by evaluating your strengths and vulnerabilities based on your current financial situation. Then, we help you customize a road map based on your life events and future goals. Finally, we collaborate with you through open communication to revise the recommendations as appropriate.

  1. Once a plan is established, we help you to implement your prioritized recommendations. IEM helps you optimize your investment allocations, implement your saving strategies, change your beneficiaries, help you with the estate process, consolidate accounts, and more.

  1. Through annual or semi-annual strategy sessions, we monitor the performance and overall progress of plan implementation. IEM continues to evaluate how changes in legal, tax and economic environments affect your plan and help you solve for new information by providing ongoing support and guidelines for your specific needs.


Thank you!